Guest Information Area.

Your Arrival

Parking Arrangements

As you look at Winster Hall from the road you will find a private drive immediately to the left of the property between two stone pillars.  You are able to park up to 2 vehicles on the left hand side of the drive.


This driveway is also used by our neighbours, therefore please avoid blocking the drive or parking in front of the garages at any time. As there is very little room to turn around at the end of the drive we suggest you reverse in.


There is also room for three further vehicles to park on the front forecourt to the Hall provided you are careful when driving through the narrow gates.


There is also unrestricted parking on Main Street, however if you can fit all your party’s vehicles in the parking areas it will reduce congestion on the road.



On arrival you will have 2 sets of keys to the property. One set is in the keysafe which is located on the back of the bus shelter which protrudes into the courtyard in front of the house. You will be informed of the code for the keysafe by phone before you arrive. The second set of keys will be on the dining table.


On your departure could you please put the keys back where you found them on arrival.


Access to the internet is available throughout Winster Hall via WiFi connectivity.


The router is located in the living room and will appear on your device as BTBHub6-98NQ.

The wireless security key is W64HgJTmHhA7.



The primary heating is provided by gas central heating radiators throughout. We have pre-set the thermostats to temperatures we believe are comfortable throughout the day and night. However, should you wish to change the current temperature settings there are 2 room thermostats available for you to adjust; one is situated in the sitting room and the other on the 2nd floor landing.


Supplementary heating is available from the gas fires situated in the ground floor bedroom and the first floor sitting room along with the AGA in the kitchen and the wood burning stove in the dining room.


If you require further information, please contact our property manager.


Hot Water

The hot water is provided by two gas combination boilers serving the property and therefore is constantly available.

Please contact our property manager if you require further information.

Wood burning stove

We have provided a starter pack of kindling, fire lighters, and logs for you to use in the basket next to the fire place.


To light a fire load a small amount of logs into the stove, turn the centre handle screw anti-clockwise and the right side handle valve to the open position.


If you require further logs you will be able to purchase them from Winster village shop.


Please ensure the fire guard is in position at all times. Before you leave the property or go to bed please ensure the doors to the stove are closed and the fire is burning out.


Gas Fires

There are two gas fires in Winster Hall:


Ground floor bedroom

The control dials are on the bottom right hand side of the appliance.

To ignite, turn the rear dial anti-clockwise through 90 degrees and hold down.

Once the pilot light is lit, turn this dial a further 90 degrees anti-clockwise to light the fire. Please depress this dial and turn to ensure the pilot light is extinguished when you turn the fire off.

The front dial is a thermostat to set the heat output.


First floor sitting room

The control dial is below the fire behind the removable grill plate.

To ignite, turn the dial anti-clockwise through 90 degrees and hold down. If the dial fails to ignite the gas please use the long reach lighter found on the mantel piece.

Once the pilot light is lit, turn this dial a further 90 degrees anti-clockwise to light the fire.


Please ensure gas fires are off before you leave the property or go to bed.


You will find the cushions for the outdoor sofa and chairs in a large bag in the summerhouse. Feel free to use them and please endeavour to keep them dry. Please ensure they are dry before replacing them in the bag and returning them to the summerhouse.


Departure Time

On the day of your departure please vacate the property promptly by 10.00am. We hope you can appreciate our housekeeping staff need as much time as possible to prepare the property for our next guests. Please leave the house as you found it and replace any furniture that has been moved.