In case of Emergency.

We hope your stay at Winster Hall will be trouble free, however in the event of a problem please see below for  information that could help:



If you require non urgent medical attention you will find further information in the local contacts section.

The nearest A&E unit is 15 miles away:

Chesterfield Royal Hospital

Calow, Chesterfield S44 5BL

Tel: 01246 277271

There is a first aid kit on a shelf in the kitchen to the right of the sink.



In the event of a fire make your way to the front of the house and contact the emergency services on 999 immediately.


You are protected by:

  • Heat and smoke detectors that are linked and located on each floor.

  • Fire extinguishers located in the kitchen and on the first floor landing

  • Fire blanket located in the kitchen

  • Self-closing fire doors to all habitable rooms

For your own safety do not use the washing machine or tumble dryer at night and do not prop open any fire door.

Electrical fault

In the event of an electrical fault the main distribution board is located in the cupboard to the right of the fire place in the dining room.

There is a torch in the kitchen next to the first aid kit if there is a power cut.



If you believe you can smell gas within the property the gas supply can be isolated with the main stop tap located in the cupboard to the right of the fire place in the dining room. The tap is in the bottom right hand corner of the cupboard.


If you have any doubts about your safety evacuate the property immediately and contact the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999.



In the event of a leaking water pipe the main feed stop tap is located outside the property to the left of the conservatory double doors. It is in the ground under the metal plate labelled ‘stop tap’.

To turn the tap you will need the turning rod which is hung on the wall in the stone building in the rear courtyard.


Contact any of the Winster Hall team for further assistance.


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